Kittys' First Use of the Litter-Robot

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Audio Transcript of Video

In the previous videos, we took you through all of the benefits of owning a Litter-Robot, from what it was like to order, receive and set one up, through finally turning it on for the first time.

At this point in the story, it’s now been a full 24-hours, and our two little kittens have had a good amount of time getting used to this new and strange object in their house.

Since getting the girls to start using the Litter-Robot could take hours or possibly even days right? I decided it would be really neat if I setup my camera on a tripod and recorded the area using the time-lapse mode.

I also put our analog kitchen clock next to the Litter-Robot, thinking it would be a fun visual way to note when one of the girls ventured in, and used it for the first time!

When I started recording footage and walked away, the clock read 1:23 p.m.

At only an hour and a half later, little Winnie stopped by to peek her little head in. Apparently she came this way with a purpose. Still a little unsure about this new thing though, she went in the ol’ tried and true.

For the most part, our girls seemed extremely uninterested in the Litter-Robot for many many hours.

If I took a random guess, this is probably what they were doing most of this time.

You can see we decided to initially try leaving their old litter box sitting next to the Litter-Robot, a less drastic technique than removing it during their transition. But, you could potentially have better luck removing it completely by giving them no other option but to try out this new litter device.

Because getting older cats to start using the Litter Robot has a greater chance of issues, the makers of the Litter-Robot recommend you initiate them to the device with the unit turned off, for them to get used to it without the possible sounds and motion scaring them from a future use.

But, with Lyla and Winnie being such curious young kittens, rarely affected by sounds and motion, you can see we obviously decided to take the chance and try them out with it all afternoon with the device turned on, since we were home and nearby to monitor them.

At 9:37 p.m., my camera picks up Lyla apparently waking up from her 8 hour nap, just long enough to finally check out the Litter-Robot for the very first time!

Then at 9:40 p.m., you can see in this frame that Lyla’s weight on the front of the device was enough to trigger the cat sensor device, causing the red light to come on.

So officially, at 9:40 p.m, 8 hours and 17 minutes after leaving our kittens alone with a fully set-up Litter-Robot, Lyla became the first of the two to go inside.

I’m going to continue to step through the footage a frame at a time here, so you can see some of the highlight moments we captured.

Lyla seems to be loving it inside — which of course means Winnie now wants to check it out too! Winnie clearly wants her turn in there!

“Come on big sis! I want in!!”

And here’s Winnie’s chance. (Laughing)

“No Lyla! I’m in here now! Get way!” (laughing)

Wait!? Is Winnie lying down in there!???

Winnie posing for a Selfie!

So now, both of our girls have left the area, and the Litter-Robot’s computer senses no more weight inside the device. Seven minutes later, the Litter-Robot now initiates its cycle to remove any possible waste that’s had adequate time to clump inside.

Winnie heard sounds from the other room, and came running in to watch the show!

I heard this new sound from the other room, so I knew one of them might have just used it! When it finished cycling, I opened the waste drawer underneath. There wasn’t anything in there, so they must have just been in there checking it out this time.

I decided to turned the Litter-Robot off, in case they decided to keep playing in it.

At 11:36 p.m., I turned both lights on, and time-lapse recording off, and let the camera record at normal speed, because the girls seemed like they were ready for round 2.

Yes, that actually just happened. Ridiculously cute!

I’m sure it’s safe to say we’re lucky to have kittens that aren’t afraid to experience new things. Older cats who are more set in their way could potentially take additional time for this device to earn their trust. But, hopefully if you think your cats will enjoy using a Litter-Robot, this footage will prove to you how quickly they could take to it.

Then, at 11:40, Winnie joins Lyla inside for the first time! Aw they’re both in there together! How cute is that!

The girls actually played inside together for about 9 minutes, with each taking turns jumping in and out a couple times.

I can’t say with certainty, but I’m pretty sure after looking through all of the footage, Winnie was the first to christen the Litter-Robot at 11:46 p.m. I hope you’re not too upset, but I’m not doing to show you the evidence footage.
So for those keeping score, it officially took 10 hours and 23 minutes for our girls to first use it as a litter box from the time it was setup. And when you include the 23 or so hours they had getting used to it in their play room overnight, it technically took a total of about 33.5 hours.
I left the Litter-Robot powered off for the rest of the night. Not only because I wanted to let them get used to the device a little bit longer without the noises, but also for little Winnie’s safety, until I decided whether it would be okay to have it running while she’s still slightly under the 5 lb. weight minimum.
In the next video, I will show you in more detail exactly how the Litter Robot works — what’s the magic in there!? This will for sure answer all of the specific questions you are probably having right about now. So check it out!

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